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Hey Hustle Fam, this morning’s Spotlight guest is for all the new truck investors out there. Need help starting and scaling your business? NO PROBLEM! This ones for you. 😉 

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💡 Hustle Story Spotlight 💡

In our podcast episode, Umair “Sam” Chaudry shares invaluable insights, about his foolproof strategy for attracting clients and the secrets behind his remarkable business growth. Sam is a highly successful entrepreneur and the proud owner of U Consulting, a renowned dispatch company that specializes in assisting aspiring truck investors in kickstarting and expanding their trucking enterprises.

With his exceptional skills and unwavering determination, Sam has managed to elevate his revenue to 100k per month, effectively dispatching for over 30 companies—all from his cellphone!

These people and tools are the backbone of empowering our community, and sharing their resources with you is our why at Truck N' Hustle.

Growth Tips & Tricks

*️⃣ If you’re a beginner, start off by getting experience, building bonds with owner operators, getting your first carrier, and continue building from there.

*️⃣ Think about how many drivers and trucks you'll need within a specific timeframe.

*️⃣ Think about how much you’ll need to earn from each load to get you closer to your goals.

*️⃣ Build rapport with your broker by remaining respectful and showing interests in their experiences.

*️⃣ Negotiate with brokers and select loads carefully.

*️⃣ You have to take any leverage that you have and use it.