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Hey Hustle Fam, today’s gem is so RICH with knowledge that it’s gonna have you rewriting your business model. For real though, countless viewers have said that today’s Spotlight guest is one of the best interviews yet because of all the free game she drops on the podcast.

Give us a few more moments of your time to come find it out! 🤭

 Newsletter Highlights

New hires at CSX to the addition of a new sortation location for Target, who will be increasing their tariffs before the new year, and which marine terminal is seeking new customers.

Including data from Cambridge Mobile Telematics and CargoNet, business amends between OTR Solutions and Convoy, cost increase in transporting goods, and more!

💡 Hustle Story Spotlight 💡

Here’s an oldie but goodie with Shaquana (AKA SHAQ) Teasley. From social work to global logistics, Shaq makes her way back to the Truck N’ Hustle podcast and drops gems on international trade wars!

All her in-depth knowledge is like a walking encyclopedia. Learning about her growth and wisdom in the international logistics sector opens doors for entrepreneurs to take their businesses global.

She even reveals why the supply chain is never going anywhere + why it's crucial for consumers to be aware of whose products they’re supporting, economically.

These people and tools are the backbone of empowering our community, and sharing their resources with you is our why at Truck N' Hustle.

Growth Tips & Tricks

💥 If you’re gonna do freight do it BIG!

🥩 ”Don’t be a stranger to your cousins barbecue”: (truckers, don’t limit your network and knowledge to domestic trade.)

❔What are some transferrable skills that you can FLIP into something better in the global logistics space?

🔍 Up your game by learning how to read the data from the International Trade Administration.