Furniture Delivery a $100 Million Niche??

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In the recent news, President Joe Biden announced 30 actions to enhance access to medicine and economic data, addressing issues related to the production and shipment of goods. Lael Brainard, director of the White House National Economic Council, emphasized the commitment to lowering prices for American consumers and ensuring supply chain resilience. Read More.....

In the recent news, Amazon has clinched the top spot in US courier services, overtaking both UPS and FedEx. With an expected widening lead throughout 2023, internal data shows Amazon's dominance in deliveries. While the US Postal Service remains the largest overall parcel service, Read More........

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$100 MILLION in BIG & BULKY Delivery? The KEYS to SUCCESS! | Trucks | Logistics | last mile

Discover the inside scoop on last mile logistics and managing $100 million in big and bulky deliveries in our upcoming podcast episode titled "$100 MILLION in BIG & BULKY Delivery? The KEYS to SUCCESS!" Join Nicholas Curatalo, the Executive Vice President of Area Logistics, as he unpacks the intricacies of handling appliances, furniture, and more in the world of last mile logistics.

Nicholas dives deep into Area Logistics' unique hybrid model that combines assets and contractors for efficient operations. Uncover the challenges they tackle, from transit damages to customer expectations, and the critical role of owning delivery data. With over a hundred daily deliveries and insights on building strong relationships with customers and partners, this episode is a goldmine of industry expertise.

Get ready to explore the secrets of success in big and bulky deliveries and last mile logistics in this engaging conversation! Stay tuned for the episode release to gain invaluable insights into navigating this complex landscape.

Growth Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how to start a Non-CDL Delivery Service:

  • Startup Investment & Time: Expect to invest $4,250 - $9,600 and take 1-3 months to build your non-CDL delivery service.

  • Earnings & Industry Size: Anticipate revenue potential of $80,000 - $470,000 annually. The US courier market is worth $133.8 billion with over 1 million employees.

  • Pros & Cons: Pros include good pay per load and flexible work hours. Cons involve high truck costs and fuel expenses impacting profits.

  • Trends & Challenges: Look for partnerships with big companies like FedEx and DHL. Challenges include rising fuel prices and the need for tech upgrades.

  • Startup Costs: Approximate costs range from $14,850 - $28,600. Includes business setup, permits, website, vehicle down payment, and essential tools.