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Hey Hustle Fam, from Guatemala to Compton, today’s Spotlight will fill your pockets with tons of knowledge and power. In addition to the regular spotlight segment and our tips and tricks, we’re feeling a bit wild and are throwing in some current events from this weekend. 🤪 

We know you love it, so stay locked in!

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💡 Hustle Story Spotlight 💡

A true inspiration to all minorities, Bianca Calanche tells her dreamer story of success. From Geutamala to Compton, she joins the family business with her father, and learns the ins and outs of intermodal warehousing!

Bianca left no crumbs as she broke-down the drayage, transportation, and warehouse distribution industries! As well as other key strategies that played a role in helping her family’s business grow into a $25 million operation.

She truly kills it in a male-dominated field and gives hope to other minority entrepreneurs who are faced with adversity.

These people and tools are the backbone of empowering our community, and sharing their resources with you is our why at Truck N' Hustle.

Growth Tips & Tricks

👔 Focus on competitive distribution service.

🧘‍♀️Stay level-headed in business decision-making when all seems uncertain.

📊 Use data and analytics to help you see where you’re failing and succeeding.

🔍 Do the work to find out who your top customers really are: their roles, titles, interests, and painpoints.

Transport News

Eco delivery here we come! Shippers are getting more assertive in their search for expensive yet environmentally friendly ocean transport services. Maersk's Eco Delivery Ocean product, is being used for all inbound container shipments through ocean transport services.

Apparently, lower emissions mean higher rates. And for those who are using carrier green transport products, will receive an incentive that exempts them from paying emissions trading system (ETS) surcharges, that are to be imposed by carriers—starting January 1, 2024.

“Given the phased-in approach decided by the EU, we expect the cost of compliance to increase over time, further impacting operating costs for the next three years.” — Mediterranean Shipping Company