🔥Tips for growing a six-figure hot shot business

Hey Hustle Fam, we have some exciting knowledge brewing for you to complement our Hustle Story Spotlight segment! Although this information may not be directly applicable to your current needs, we are confident that you will share these insights with anyone in your network who can benefit from today's message.

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💡 Hustle Story Spotlight 💡

As promised, the star for our Tuesday's Hustle Story Spotlight is Brittany Stuart from B. Stuart Consulting! She truly reigns supreme when it comes to all things hot shot trucking. 👸🏾

After conducting thorough research, B. Stuart acquired the knowledge of becoming a freight dispatcher through trial and error. She emphasizes that this industry is not solely about purchasing trendy trucks seen on social media, but rather, it entails:

📌 Making sure it's something you’re really passionate about because it takes a great investment

📌 Knowing your numbers: have your minimums per week + knowing your drivers fuel mileage

These people and tools are the backbone of empowering our community, and sharing their resources with you is our why at Truck N' Hustle.

Growth Tips & Tricks

Be more efficient by staying one-step-ahead, reducing detention time, and using technology

💭 Understanding headhaul and backhaul markets maximize your hot shot company’s profits

📲 Market your business through multiple social media platforms

⚖️ Increase your rate per mile and become selective with who you do business with: avoid loads that are high mileage with low rates

⬇️ Lower your average cost per mile by cutting down on your spending habits on the road and off the road

Q/A Session

Don't hesitate. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire knowledge from experts in trucking and logistics. We assure you that we will tell ALL of our secrets to effectively managing a transportation business, so feel free to inquire!

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