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As per this article in the Reuters, Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways confirms a $2.71 billion order for six Airbus A350 freighters, replacing its older Boeing 747 cargo jets. The new A350s, expected by 2029, boast fuel efficiency and will expand Cathay's global network. CEO Ronald Lam highlights their contribution to sustainability goals. Read More…

According to this article in Financial Times, the global oil market is facing challenges due to a surge in US oil production, reaching a record 13.2 million barrels per day in September. This surpasses official forecasts, raising questions about the constraints on the US oil industry and affecting OPEC+ efforts to stabilize prices through production cuts. Read More…

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TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS Working with the US Government! How to Win Contracts Even if You Own Nothing!

Live on location in Houston, TX at second annual Truck N' Hustle FreightFest we bring you a must watch panel on Government Contracting featuring TNH Alum, Melanie Patterson, Brandon Davis & Delano Massey!!

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Trucking Industry Statistics

    1. Trucking represented 80.4% of the U.S.’s freight cost in 2019, totaling a gross freight revenue of $791.7 billion.

    2. Trucks moved 67.7% of ground freight between the U.S. and Canada and 83.1% of trade with Mexico, for a total value of goods at $772 billion;

    3. Employment is up 140,000 from the previous year with 7.95 million people employed in trucking-related jobs. This includes 3.6 million professional drivers;

    4. 91.3% of fleets operate six or fewer trucks and 97.4% operate 20 or fewer, meaning most carriers are small companies.

    5. 13.4% of all registered vehicles are commercial trucks.

    6. As of January 2019, 24.44¢ of federal fuel tax was used to pay for each gallon of diesel fuel.