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According to this article in CNBC, Mars, a major candy company, has committed to ending the use of child labor in its supply chain following a CBS News report exposing child labor in Ghana harvesting cocoa for M&M’s and Snickers. Despite industry pledges over two decades, Read More.....

According to this article in US News, Toyota is selling a portion of its stake in Denso, a components maker, to raise approximately 290 billion yen ($2 billion) for its electric vehicle and innovation endeavors. The sale will reduce Toyota's stake in Denso from 24.2% to 20%, while still maintaining its position as the top stakeholder. Read More.....

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MONOPOLY! 900+ Customer Mobile Fuel Empire; Truck Parking, Exxon GAS FRANCHISE, Real Estate & More!

Tune in and see how family owned T&R Oil and Tullo Truck Stop has dominated multiple niches in the New Jersey area including fuel distribution, truck parking, EXXON Gas Station Franchising, Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) Distribution, & More! CEO Dominic Tullo sits with Rahmel and breaks it all down.

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  • Medical courier businesses have an investment range of $4,000-$10,300 and can be built within 0-3 months. The industry is growing.

  • Revenue potential is $73,000-$146,000 per year and profit potential is $62,000-$95,000 per year. Commitment level can be flexible.

  • Pros include flexibility to set your own hours, good money charging up to $45 per hour, and low startup costs using your current vehicle.

  • Cons are that it is highly regulated with licensing required and strict guidelines to follow, and there is stiff competition.

  • As of 2022 there are 256,633 courier and local delivery businesses in the US. The industry is worth $133.8 billion and has grown 5.5% annually since 2017. Growth is forecast to continue at 5.5% annually through 2027.

  • Trends include use of technology for real-time tracking and traditional delivery companies being more expensive and slower. Challenges include highly regulated shipping/handling and the need for medical courier certification.

  • Startup costs range from $4,000-$10,300 including licenses, marketing, website, computer, software, and certification. Revenue ranges are $73,000-$146,000 per year and profit ranges are $62,000-$95,000 per year.