🌺 Aloha from a towing king

Aloha Hustle Fam, today’s hustle story spotlight shines on a man we interviewed last month who goes by many names…

1st clue: One of those names being the towing King!

2nd clue: He has locations in Azusa and Glendora California.

Can you guess who it is? Scroll down to find out. 🤭 

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💡 Hustle Story Spotlight 💡

You guessed it! With over 4 decades of experience, Jan Qualkenbush, owner and founder of Jan’s Towing, is our spotlight guest. Also known as one of the godfather’s of trucking and “The Professor” to his peers, Jan talks about all he’s learned from the lucrative towing industry.

Additionally, his mountain recovery equipment—military grade fleets—go above and beyond for the community and provide an enormous relief for anyone in need. Overall, Jan’s story, drive, and ambition curates a perfect interview for aspiring tow truckers.

These people and tools are the backbone of empowering our community, and sharing their resources with you is our why at Truck N' Hustle.

Growth Tips & Tricks

🚙 Don’t be afraid to take your time; remember, you’re not paid to rush but to safely deliver the vehicle.

🚥 Be prepared for heavy traffic and anticipate construction or roadwork.

🔎 Stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices.

📚 Continuously improve your skills through ongoing training and education.

🆘 Focus on providing exceptional customer service.

🛣 Prioritize safety for yourself, your customers, and other motorists.