6 top habits of a successful owner operator

Healthy habits pay off

It's true what they say: Your habits will determine your future.

If you time-traveled to 2033, would you be proud of who you are and what has become of your business?

🤔 💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔

If you’re keeping it real with yourself, you will admit that there is always room for improvement. That said, keep scrolling to relearn the 6 top habits of a successful owner operator. ⬇️

📌 Focus more on gross revenue. Overthinking your Rate Per Mile leads to extreme cherry-picking of loads, which hurts profits. Remember, business profits come from gross revenue.

📌 It takes sacrifice. A successful business owner sacrifices things like extra time off and expensive purchases to protect their business.

📌 Understand freight cycles. Understanding and studying freight cycles will help you increase revenue without increasing costs.

📌 Work with professional business partners. Team up with professionals who can take some of the work off your plate and help you improve the performance of your business.

📌Better time management. Manage your time to make each week profitable. For instance, always deliver a load on Monday (whenever possible) to set up your week for profitable operation.

📌 Be inspired. This is tough work, and you’re doing a hell of a job. Find something to inspire you: Bo Bennet once said, “Success is not in what you have, but who you are.”

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⚡️ Level up ⚡️

Strategic tips and tricks for new owner operators:

😮‍💨Delegate tasks to a professional by hiring an accountant = huge stress reliever.

🧠Train your mind to think like a business person now.

🛣️ Determine your work habits right off the bat.

🧾Figure out how you’re going to invoice customers and decide on a factoring company for quicker payment.

🧐 Research and connect with a dependable load board you can trust.

Trivia segment

Sometimes we know less than what we think. Trivia is one of the funnest ways to exercise our brain and expand our knowledge. See what you know this week!

  1. What is the average age of becoming an owner operator?

  2. What percent of owner operators are retired military?

  3. ___% completed high school and about ___ % received some level of college education.

  4. What percent of owner operators spend more than 200 nights away from their homes?

  5. (T/F) the majority of owner operators are democrats and independents.

  6. (T/F) 95% of drivers run solo

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Trivia Answers

  1. 37 years old

  2. 36 % of drivers

  3. 86%, 45%

  4. 41%

  5. False. The majority are Republicans followed by independents

  6. True