⚖️ 3 ways to scale your truck business

Do you ever find yourself avoiding critical tasks you know you should be doing

Hint: Maybe like scaling your business to promote growth in your company.

Although there’s a lot of money to be made in the freight industry, that doesn't mean you can relax your efforts and not aim to grow your business. In fact, scaling your company puts you above the competition and prevents you from becoming stagnant.

As the fourth quarter of 2023 draws near you're gonna want to do three things.

🏦 Arrange your funds

🚚 Secure a network for loads to hual

📉 Reduce operating costs

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Arrange your funds: If you're still expanding, it's likely you can’t lean on retained earnings to help your business grow. Therefore, you more than likely will take out a loan. If that's the case, you’ll need to do research when securing a financial institution because choosing the best option will allow you to find the best rates and provide the capital you need to expand.

Secure a network for loads to haul: Whether if it's to keep you employed or your contractors employed, you have to maintain a consistent flow of new hauls to keep your business going. Here are manageable tips to build a solid customer network:

Establish a strong online presence.

attend virtual or in-person events

Join truck operators’ groups

Reduce operating costs: There’s no doubt that maximizing your profits more than expenses is the hardest way to scale a business financially. And if not careful your expenses might be unnecessarily high, to the point where you aren't able to get the most out of the profit you should be earning. Eliminating problem areas in your finances can maximize your profit-earning potential. Consider these costs that might be weighing you'd down:

💠 Look for discounts on fuel.

💠 Study your trucks’ routes for efficiency.

💠 Invest in new tires that exert less effort to run more smoothly.

⚡️ Level up ⚡️

Below are more tips to help scale your company!

🆘 Get external help from remote independent professionals.

💻 Invest in technology to automate manual tasks.

👥 Expand your team based off the markets needs.

🤲🏾 Continually focus on your company’s offerings.

Trivia segment

Sometimes we know less than what we think. Trivia is one of the funnest ways to exercise our brain and expand our knowledge. See what you know this week!

  1. You’re driving your big rig down the road when you hear someone say on the CB, “There’s an alligator in the road.” What do they mean?

  2. (T/F) Interstate highways that run east-west have even numbers.

  3. How much does a truck and trailer weigh?

  4. As you travel down the interstate, a “silver bullet” passes you. What is it?

  5. How long is the average truck and trailer?

  6. A driver tells you that there is a “Parking Lot” two miles ahead. What is a “Parking Lot”?

🫣 Scroll to check your answers!

Trivia Answers

  1. It’s a large piece of tire tread from a blown tire

  2. True

  3. 80,000 lbs (that's the same as 28 cars or 1,600 second graders!)

  4. A tanker truck

  5. 75 feet

  6. A traffic jam